Spiritual Symbols

Our Spiritual Symbols collection introduces symbolic charms that signify empowerment, confidence, and spiritual protection. Throughout history, we have used symbols to add meaning to our lives. Spiritual symbols, like the Chakras, Om, Buddha, Lotus Flower, Hamsa and Evil Eye serve the same purpose – they add meaning to our understanding of spiritual grow, and practice of yoga or any lifestyle that seeks peace of mind and enlightenment.

Symbolism and natural gemstones radiate positive, high vibrational energy; when coming into close contact and wearing these items, our energy (aura) transmutes to match their frequency. Choose a symbolic charm and gemstones to heal unbalanced chakras, or as an expression of your personality or spiritual beliefs, to aid protection, encourage enlightenment or bring good luck. Accessorize with positive energy!

Handmade in the USA. All natural. All handmade. All good vibes!