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Paperclip Chain Necklace and Bracelet Set

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Stand out like the goddess you are with this elegant set that demands attention when being worn! Pair it with our gold drop earrings and layer the bracelet with some bead bracelets to add a trendy and sophisticated touch to your style!

  • 16" Gold-plated Stainless Steel Paperclip Chain Necklace
  • 14K Gold-plated Stainless Steel Paperclip Chain Bracelet
  • 22K Gold-plated Pewter Toggle Clasps
  • Handmade in Brooklyn, NY

 Bracelet Size;

  • S fits a 6.5 inches wrist
  • M fits a 7 inches wrist (standard size for women)
  • L fits an 8 inches wrist (standard size for men)



Gold is an all purpose healer; stabilizes, purifies and balances; speaks of abundance and well-being. It supports openness and integrity while building confidence in the wearer. It can also assist in overcoming paralysis and fear by allowing one to keep up through harsh circumstances. It evokes strength, and will power; can help overcome depressive tendencies