About Us

Vibes is an Eco-friendly jewelry brand designed and handmade in Brooklyn, NY by our founder Alexandra Reed, and is managed and operated by her and her daughters Ale and Andrea.

Each of them contribute their very own innovative ideas into the design and operations of the brand. All of our finished products are put together with love and care by hand in our Brooklyn, NY studio. No factories, mass-production or environmental waste. 

 Our Concept 

Vibes represents a fresh approach to beaded jewelry, offering trendy, stylish and eye-catching designs that inspires you to feel empowered, beautiful and confident.

Created and operated by strong and independent women, the brand presents a jewelry line celebrating what brings the best in you, inspiring you to enjoy life, your own inner beauty, and to surround yourself with beautiful things. Because you deserve it!

We specialize in high quality gemstones and crystals that cultivate positive energy, inspiring you to live life in harmony with yourself, others, and nature. In other words, we create jewelry that influences how good you feel.

We are eco-friendly! Our tags, labels, packaging, and jewelry displays are made from 100% recycled, degradable and/or biodegradable materials. 

Thank you for your support!

Alexandra, Ale and Andrea