Sustainability & Social Responsibility


OUR GOAL: To create sustainable and affordable jewelry without compromising quality and ethics! 

PACKAGING: We are proud to say that all of our orders are packaged 100% plastic free! Your beautiful handmade jewelry will come in a recycled Kraft paper shipping box, sustainable paper jewelry box, recycled crinkle paper, and recycled paper jewelry tags, as well as eco-friendly cotton bags and jewelry cleaning cloths.  All of these contents can either be reused or recycled! 

MATERIALS: We take pride in using only natural materials, limiting our supplies to natural gemstones and precious metals. No resin, plastic, glass or clay!

SCRAPS: We focus on creating the least amount of waste during production as possible and recycling the waste we create. Figuring out exact measurements for production ensures that we won’t have odd ends and scraps left over. In most cases, it’s impossible to use every last scrap so it’s super important for us to find ways to recycle these properly! Our founder makes sure to do this by reusing any metal scraps and defective items and incorporating them in her art pieces. We never throw scrap metals into the trash.

LOCAL SUPPLIERS: Most of our supplies are made in the USA by local business owners, and we make sure that our suppliers share our values and work ethic in their production and work environments. All of our metal components are manufactured in CA, FL, MO, TX and VA. Our gemstones are  proudly manufactured in Cedar Park, TX. We also buy gemstones directly from Native American Nations. Lastly, some of our finished metal products are supplied by another US company in Los Angeles, CA.

WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN: We take pride in our commitment to supporting other women small business owners. Our jewelry tags, boxes,  stickers, and packaging products are made in the USA by women owned shops listed on Etsy. Our eco-friendly cotton bags are handmade by a woman owned business in Jaipur, India.

CONSERVATION: We spread awareness about wild life and planet conservation through some of our designs, providing facts and links to articles that will help you to become more conscious about conservation efforts worldwide.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP: Recycle or reuse the packaging materials and use the cotton bag to store your jewelry in! The fashion industry creates so much waste, let's not add to this!

Our jewelry was made to last. Don't ever just toss your jewelry in the trash when you don’t want to wear it anymore or if an item broke or wore off! Instead, donate your jewelry, pass it down to your kids or send it back to us to be repaired or recycled properly. This is very important and we really appreciate you continuing our zero waste efforts!