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Hamsa Keychain

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Let your Keychain stand out!!! Inspired by the prayer beads found in many cultures, these meaningful designs feature a variety of vividly colored stones and spiritual symbols. Let it accompany you wherever you’re heading!  

  • 8mm Black Onyx
  • Pewter Hamsa Hand Charm 
  • Antique Silver Spacers
  • Stainless Steel Keychain and Ring
  • Handmade in Brooklyn, NY


The Hamsa Hand or Hand of Fatima is an ancient Middle Eastern talisman. In all religions it is a protective symbol. It is talismanic symbol that people believed to protect them from harm against the evil eye and bring them goodness, abundance, fertility, luck and good health. 

Black Onyx is a soothing stone, and is good for wearing, especially during times of emotional turmoil.  It is known to help release negativity, as well as to guard the wearer from the ‘evil eye’. Some of the important powers of this stone are intuition, focus, balance, positivity, change, and spiritual protection.